Why Use Real Edible Gold Leaf


Edible gold leaf is an amazing addition to foods, yes, it is real gold and yes it is edible! However, are you getting real edible gold leaf? In this article we will look at the value of buying edible gold leaf that is real gold and why you should. Then find out how you can get some edible gold leaf to add to your own cooking or menu if you are a wedding cake maker or restaurant who wants to start including real edible gold leaf on their foods.

Whether you are making food for your family or using edible gold leaf on a wedding cake, you and your customers expect real gold when they choose edible gold leaf on the food item they are choosing to get from you. Gold is real and anything else, well isn't gold. So, you want to make sure when getting edible gold leaf that it is real gold!

There are many imitations when it comes to gold leaf and for good reason. Gold is a very expensive metal. Compared to other metals, gold is relatively expensive and this is due to the difficulty in gaining access to gold. Whereas many metals are abundant on earth, gold is not freely found, though finding a block of iron isn't something you may run into in your day generally, sourcing and extracting gold is a resource intensive process which is becoming ever harder as mines are digging deeper and seeking more sources in the hopes to keep up with supply needs.

This is why gold leaf imitations exist. They can be made out of plastics and other undesirable materials, though there is the edible kind which generally but not always will have the name gold foil rather than gold leaf. There are edible versions of gold foil and they are cheaper but what is contained in them is only a colour that approximates gold. In any case, cake makers offering this type of gold has a price that matches the false aspect of what the item is.

Real gold leaf even when advertised as real needs to also be considered. Just as you have all different carats of gold, as edible gold leaf is real gold, if the source of the gold bar is a lower carat level then there are more impurities that are in the gold. This is a problem when you want to eat real gold on your foods because suddenly you have all these other impurities such as iron contained in the gold content. Though this may not be a problem in consumption, you are eating something that is not real pure gold and may not be as good for you as having a pure edible gold leaf on your foods.

Remember this, whether cooking at home or adding to your menu, keep your customers happy with real gold leaf.

There are different carat ratings of edible gold leaf as we have said, but if you want real edible gold leaf that is as pure as you can get and is not adulterated with many different percentages of other metals, go for 24 carat gold. This means that it is 999 gold or 99.9% pure gold. Essentially it means that in every 1,000 parts, only 1 part is going to be another metal or whatever it may be. In truth the 24 carat gold may be even more pure than this and so is very safe to consume as gold is non toxic and even has an E number E175 when used in cooking!

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